My Rating Scale

Below is the scale I use when it comes to rating the books that I read.

Five Stars

This book is amazing. Everyone needs to read it right now. I loved the book so much I can’t stop thinking about it. The characters were amazing. The plot was amazing. The writing style was amazing. Everything was great.

Four Stars

A book I really liked. I would still recommend it to people but it’s not a must read for everyone. I enjoyed the writing style, characters and plot. Some minor things could have been improved but still overall a good book.

Three Stars

This book is decent. I might recommend it, if it’s something you think you’ll like. There is a lot that could be fixed in the book to make it better for me. It’s still a decent book that I found enjoyment in.

Two Stars

I probably finished the book but only because I don’t like not finishing books. I definitely had a lot of problems with it and would not recommend it to people. Overall not enjoyable.

One Star

I either hated the book a lot or I just didn’t even finish it. Too much for me to talk about how much I didn’t like it. Would not recommend to people and definitely wouldn’t try reading it again.