Audiobooks: are they worth it?

Recently I read a blog post over at seeliepages where she talked about her first experience with audiobooks. Now I’ve also been wanting to get into listening to audiobooks but I didn’t like the idea of not holding a physical book in my hands and seeing the words that the author wrote. However I also don’t have a lot of time to be sitting down and reading, which is why I’m interested in audiobooks.

I drive a lot. I drive to school, to both my jobs and in total I probably spent at least three hours a week driving, which means I could be using those three hours a week to read, which is where audiobooks come in. I decided to go ahead and use the free 30 day trial that audible has to see if I would like listening to audiobooks.

I know that Libby and Overdrive have audiobooks and I could borrow them through my library but the waitlist for the books I wanted were weeks long, so hence I decided to just try audible. I got two credits or books for my 30 day trial and for the first one I decided to listen to Renegades by Marissa Meyer.

I ended up really enjoying the book overall but by the end of it I wished that I had a physical copy of it in my hand.


  • Audiobooks are very convenient. I could listen to it wherever I wanted since I had it on my phone. I listened to it while working, walking to and from class and most importantly while driving.
  • The narrators for Renegades were amazing and I think they were a big part of why I had enjoyed it so much.
  • Visualization; hearing someone else read the words helped me visualize everything much more easily.


  • I ended up getting distracted a lot by things going on around me and having to rewind a bunch of times.
  • I missed having an actual book in my hands as well as seeing the words in front of me.
  • I missed being able to track pages read in Goodreads as it isn’t really compatible with audiobooks.
  • They’re expensive. Audible is 14.95 a month and you only get one book and the company pretty much has a monopoly on all books so unless you want to outright buy it, you’ll have trouble finding it elsewhere.

I think overall I enjoyed listening to the audiobook but I don’t know if I want to keep up with it. I like buying books and they are much more easier to access and obtain than audiobooks. Having the audiobook experience was definitely something I’m grateful for but I’m going to stick to physical copies from now on.

Do you guys listen to audiobooks? And if so do you like them?