Review: The King’s Men

The King's Men (All for the Game, #3)

Title: The King’s Men
Author: Nora Sakavic
Publication Date: December 3 2014
Genre: New Adult
Format: Ebook
Rating: ★★★★★


Neil Josten is out of time. He knew when he came to PSU he wouldn’t survive the year, but with his death right around the corner he’s got more reasons than ever to live.

Befriending the Foxes was inadvisable. Kissing one is unthinkable. Neil should know better than to get involved with anyone this close to the end, but Andrew’s never been the easiest person to walk away from. If they both say it doesn’t mean anything, maybe Neil won’t regret losing it, but the one person Neil can’t lie to is himself.

He’s got promises to keep and a team to get to championships if he can just outrun Riko a little longer, but Riko’s not the only monster in Neil’s life. The truth might get them all killed—or be Neil’s one shot at getting out of this alive.

I’m sure by now everyone knows how much I love this series. If you don’t you can check out my review of the first two books here and here.

I’m so excited to be reviewing the last book and I can’t wait to have another opportunity to convince you to read this series. That is if I haven’t done so by now.


Neil Josten in this book is a precious bean. I wish I could just wrap him in a blanket to protect him from everything that happens to him in this book. His arc from the first book to this one is stunning. He becomes so much more developed and alive. He also is the ultimate sassmaster and it’s obvious in this book.

Oh how I love Andrew Minyard. He really shines in this book and you get to know him so much more intimately in this book. His devotion to the people he cares about is unparalleled to anything I’ve ever read in any book. Andrew Minyard owns my heart forever and always.


This book is heartbreaking but it’s also so beautiful. The story is filled with such amazing scenes of Neil figuring out just how much the Foxes mean to him. There is also so much growth that goes on and it makes my heart warm.

Overall Thought

This series is one of my all time favorites and this reread has just cemented that feeling. I really think everyone should give it a chance mostly because I need more people to talk to about it. The books are short and with the way they grip you it’s easy to fly through all three books in a few days. Do you have this series on your to read list?

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